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GEOWAY CIPS Prototype Developed Successfully!

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GEOWAY CIPS (Clustered Image Processing System) prototype declares its final development in July 2010. Genneral Manager of Geoway Mr. Zhang Yang inspected the kernel software achievements accompanied by the Product Director Mr. Wu Xiaodi. GEOWAY CIPS exploited GEOWAY IS key technologies, yet is fully new in terms of systematic and technological architecture. Combining software and hardware and supported by spatial database, it is developed with key features of automation, high productivity and intelligence. With GEOWAY CIPS, the data processing efficiency has been largely increased relying on high-performance clustering computing, the automatic processing of positioning, mosaicing, fusion and other sectors has been achieved centralized by image matching technique, the intelligent dispatching of project management and the user demand-driven workflow customization have been fulfilled based on task schedule technology. 

With the commercialization and function-diversification of the system, it is believed that the CIPS Clustered Image Processing System will act actively in remote sensing satellite ground processing, geographical information updating, national territory change detection, digital city construction and other related domains to contribute to the industrialization of domestic satellite application. 

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