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GEOWAY Launches the 4th GEOWAY CUP Campus Programming Conte

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On May 26, 2012, the opening ceremony of the fourth "GEOWAY CUP" Campus Programming Contest was held at Wuhan University.

Ms. Jing Hu, vice secretary of the Youth League Communist Committee, Wuhan University, on behalf of the university, expressed her welcome and best wishes for the contest. GEOWAY President Mr. Yang Zhang, deputy secretary Ms. Hua Wang, Mr. Weisong Gao, School of Remote Sensing Information Engineering, and teacher and student representatives from other 20 schools of 10 co-organized universities, took part in the ceremony.

As the leading domestic provider of Geomatic solutions, GEOWAY has always made itself responsible for the GIS education, actively finding effective ways to work together with colleges and universities to promote the better growth and development of college students.

Under the theme of “Creative programming for your dream”, this contest was developed to improve college students’ abilities of programming, practice and problem-solving and to offer a professional and broad stage for their talent showing and exploration. With the unprecedented cover of universities in central and east China, competition rules and executive committee are established to ensure a fair and prolific match for all the competitors.

Afterwards, Mr. Zhang, also known as part-time professor in Wuhan University, expressed profound and impressive ideas through his speech “3S makes our planet smarter” for the participants from the view of the development of Geoinformation technology, Surveying and Mapping and Geoinformation and industrialization, associated industries, and GEOWAY company.

Ms. Hu making speech at the opening ceremony

Mr. Zhang delivering his presentation "3S makes our planet smarter"

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Ceremony spot

Organizers taking photo together

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